FrostCaller Series: Exclusive Wallpapers

As you know, there is a section of the blog dedicated to fanmade wallpapers that I've been working on in the last few months. Most of them are also available for download on Wizard101 Central and Pirate101 Central.

Apart from the ones displayed here, I teamed up with Wizards Unite and created some exclusive wallpapers for their website. You can download all of them here, including my latest work: Shadow Magic!

I will add a direct link in the Wallpapers section to the ones hosted on Wizards Unite. Look for more wallpapers in the upcoming months!

New Spring Mounts

Eggbert has just arrived in the Spiral and he will be taking his regular spot near the fountain in the Wizard City Shopping District. Make sure to visit him to see what he has to offer!

Additionally, two new Spring mounts have made their way to the Crown Shop: the Prismatic Hare and Caerbannog Rabbit mounts! You can find these two brand new, adorable hares bopping around the Spiral and they will be available in the Crown Shop for a limited time only.

KingsIsle also introduced the first ever dropped permanent mount: the Stormrider Hare! Read Prospector Zeke's post and see the featured comment below to know where to get one.

Stormrider Hare Raffle
In memory of Lady Stormrider, Kingsisle decided to name a cool mount after her and Wizard101 Central is holding a raffle to get one. Everyone who enters the raffle will win!

Pirate101 Test Realm is Live

After a few months of sneak peeks and teasers, the Pirate101 Test Realm is live once again with some major content! If you haven't already, you can download the Test Realm here.

This new content includes Advanced Pets & Companions, Gameplay and Player Interface improvements, a housing update and much, much more! You can read all about it here. Please, join your fellow Pirates in testing the several improvements and changes as mentioned in the highlights video below!

Mount-a-Palooza Returns to Wizard101

Now through April 13th 2014, all your favorite mounts, including the Mixed Candy Cane and Reindeer Sleigh mounts, return for biggest mount sale ever: Mount-a-Palooza!

All permanent mounts are on sale for 5,000 Crowns or less* and you can save up to 67% off Crowns prices of permanent mounts! Also, KingsIsle is launching two brand new mounts in the Crown Shop:
  • Gold-Wrought Eagle
  • Dual Dragonflyer Two Player Mount

Hurry, this sale is for a limited time only. Mount-a-Palooza ends Sunday, April 13th 2014 at 11:59pm US Central Time. Check out all the cool Mount sales over at the Crown Shop in Wizard101!

*Excludes two new mounts Gold-Wrought Eagle and Dual Dragonflyer