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As you already know, I've created several custom Wallpapers for both Wizard101 and Pirate101, and I'm now focusing on Schools of Magic in Wizard101. When I'm done with them, I will start working on Pirate101 wallpapers, but not necessarily on Pirate Classes first. I have a few ideas right now, but we'll see how things go.

Feedback is important to me and I take it very seriously. That being said, after creating wallpapers for Balance, Life, Storm and Shadow Magic, I would like to know which wallpaper my readers want to see next. Please, cast your vote in the poll below.

Guide to Getting Energy Elixirs on Grub Guardian

With so many fun activities requiring Energy in the Spiral, like Gardening, Fishing and Pet training, it can be tough to focus on more than one of these in a single day, either because you have extensive gardens that need to be tended to, or because you're training a Pet to Mega.

Energy Elixirs are a breath of fresh air when you're out of Energy. While they're not particularly expensive, I like to save on those and try to get them for free. The amount of Crowns you save overtime can be spent on that special Crown Shop item you really want, Hoard Packs or Mega Snack Packs, or even to unlock the Map Packs in Grub Guardian.

Trying to get free Energy Elixirs is a great motivation to play Grub Guardian. My personal favorite map to win these is Pegasus Place. This map is included in the Wysteria Map Pack, which is available for 649 Crowns in the Grub Guardian Crown Shop.

Why Pegasus Place?
It's a fairly easy and fast map, that only requires an Epic Life pet and two Guardians to earn a Gold Medal score, and have a chance at an Energy Elixir prize.

What do I need for Pegasus Place?
  • Wysteria Map Pack (649 Crowns);
  • Avalon Guardian (499 Crowns).

How to get a Gold Medal
Like I said, the only requirement to get a Gold Medal on this map is having a Life Pet at least at Epic, and two Avalon Guardians.

Start off by placing your Pet and the first Avalon Guardian as shown below. The amount of Silver you have doesn't allow you to place the second Guardian just yet, but you won't need it right away so long as you upgrade your currently placed Guardian to Rank 2, before hitting the "Go" button.

Place your second Avalon Guardian right next to the first one when you have enough Silver, and upgrade them gradually and take them up to Lady of the Lake (Rank 5).

Tip: On this specific map, avoid upgrading both Guardians at the same time, unless the enemies on the map are Goblins; those are slow and the cooldown allows you to defeat them before they can get to the food.

You should have a Gold Medal at the end and your score should be around 5,625. If you didn't get an Energy Elixir on your first try, don't give up. You will get one before you know it!

Pirate101 Test Realm Opens

The wait is over! After a long overdue Pirate101 game update, the doors to Test Realm finally open with a "nefarious" dungeon waiting to be tested and much, much more!

The Tower of Moo Manchu
If you have completed all of Mooshu (including the quest "The Great and Powerful Turtle"), as well as the side quest, "Emperor Moo", you will find a new quest from the Town Crier (or from Lord Chagatai himself) to embark upon a dangerous, and very profitable, adventure into The Tower of Moo Manchu! This ten level tower is full of danger and is meant for groups of players to bond together in the quest for rare loot, multiplayer chests, special badges, and to survive the nefarious trials that await you as you attempt to conquer the Tower of Moo Manchu. There's even a special badge!

Cool Ranch Revamp
You'll be happy to know a new fast transport service is now available in Cool Ranch to help players travel quickly from skyway to skyway. Drop by the docks of Cooper's Roost, Bison Village, Junction, Santo Pollo, Tumbleweed, and Fort McMurtry to give the Stagecoach a try!

Ship Emblem Alteration Service
A long-requested feature from players is finally making its way to the skyways of Pirate101. There's a new Ship Emblem Alteration service being offered for Crowns, by a new character named Major Flagstaff, who can be found in the back of the Auction House!  

Team Up!
This feature allows players to find other players that want to play the same dungeon - even if they're in different realms. Approach a dungeon and click X to enter the sigil as normal. But if the dungeon is eligible for "Team Up!", you'll see a new menu asking you to choose how to proceed.

These are just a few of the game updates coming to Pirate101 really soon and ready to be tested! Find out more about these, Doubloon Trading, Stackable Items and much more in the Game Updates.

Clash of the Titans: Back to the Beginning

According to the book 'History of the Universe', "In the beginning there was nothing but Dragons, Giants and Tritons.", but who are those entities exactly? Where do they come from and which role did they play in the creation of the Spiral?

Creation of the Spiral
We know that Bartleby, the Grandfather Tree, who was at the center of the First World, sung the Spiral into existence through the Song of Creation and that his sister, Lady Nightstar (Grandmother Raven), gave him two eyes, one of which could see into the past, the other into the future. His Eye of History was stolen by Malistaire Drake later on.

Clash of the Titans
At one point in History, the Dragons, Giants and Tritons entered an era of fierce battles for supremacy over their domains. After the Great War, these powerful creatures went into a state of stasis and harmony was back into the Spiral.

Awakening the Titans
Malistaire Drake sucessfully acquired the Krokonomicon and intended to use its immense power to force the Dragon Titan to bring Sylvia Drake back to life, but his plans in awakening the Fire Titan were stopped.

In Wintertusk, the Coven attempted to bring about the Everwinter by awakening The Frost Titan. They were stopped yet again with the help and guidance of Lady Nightstar.

When Morganthe tried to unveil the secrets of Astral Magic, the Celestians summoned the Storm Titan to defeat Morganthe's legions and to take their world to a place of safety, but the Titan ultimately sunk Celestia along with Morganthe's invading forces.

Back to the Beginning
The fact that these primordial Titans have the power to defy the laws of Magic, by bringing people back to life, freezing the Spiral and destroying entire worlds is proof of their immeasurable power. If they are this powerful, how do they rank when compared to the likes of Bartleby, Lady Nightstar and Old Cob? After all, these three are said to be inhabitants of the First World, along with the Aztecosaurs and the Titans, as confirmed by the Tzolk'n Stones in Azteca.

After the downfall of the Shadow Queen, Old Cob sent his minions to Polaris, Empyrea, Mirage, the Hidden Lands and the Broken Shores. The first is a frosty world, the second comes from the Ancient Greek word empyrus, which means 'in or on the fire', and the where there is a shore, there is water.

Polaris, Empyrea and the Broken Shores
Wouldn't those be the perfect places to summon the Titans and bring back chaos in the Spiral? If anything, Polaris, Empyrea and the Broken Shores might be the names of Grizzleheim, Dragonspyre and Celestia in ancient times. And this is where the Telegraph Box would fit in, allowing us to travel back in time and stop the awakening of the Elemental Titans once more.