Halloween in Skull Island

Halloween is all about dressing up and looking spooky for the occasion, yes? Now through November 2nd 2014, enjoy Halloween in Skull Island with some brand new Crown Shop items, foreshadowed in the KingsIsle Live Event earlier this week, including:
  • New Black Tiger Pet;
  • New Masks, Face paint and Accessories to dress your Pirate up;
  • Halloween Ship Returns - The Haunted Galleon!

The Haunted Galleon
The Halloween Ship is on sale in the Crown Shop for only 5,000 Crowns and will only be around for the Halloween festivities, so if you missed out on this promotion last year, now's your chance to get it! It is available for a variety of levels and comes equipped with:
  • Ship Hull;
  • Jack 'O Lantern Figurehead;
  • Sails;
  • Rudders.
Pumpkin Carrrving Contest
To make Halloween even more fun this year, KingsIsle is hosting a pumpkin carving contest! Entering is as easy as carving your favorite pumpkin design for Halloween and you can win cool prizes, such as 60,000 Crowns, Hoodoo Bundles and more! Find out how to enter here.

Pirate101 2nd Birthday Celebration

Two years ago, after a few months of intensive testing, Pirate101 was being launched by KingsIsle. Today, we're all celebrating the 2nd Birthday of the game, from now through November 2nd!

Skull Island has Birthday decorations for all of your Pirate parrrrtying and everyone gets free Birthday items, including a Birthday Eye Patch, Parrrty Hat and Prancing Pony Mount (1-Day Rental)! Click the picture below to redeem your code.


New Halloween Hoard Packs


From now until November 2nd, KingsIsle has two super spooky Halloween Hoard Packs for us in the Crown Shop! The old favorite Nightmare Pack is back, and they are also introducing a brand new one: the Harrowing Nightmare Pack.

The Harrowing Nightmare Pack
This new Halloween pack has familiar favorites, plus cool new items! Your Wizard has a chance of receiving:
  • Harrowing Wings Mounts in 3 Color Variations;
  • Harrowed Bones Pet;
  • Halloween Guitar Weapons;
  • Nightfall, Nighttide and Midnight Torment Gear;
  • Many more wicked items!

The Nightmare Pack
The original Nightmare Pack gives your Wizard a chance at tons of eerie Halloween items, including:
  • Nightmare Mount;
  • Dragontooth Armor;
  • Darkwraith Armor;
  • Vampire Pet;
  • Nightmare Pet;
  • And many more spooktacular items!

First Pirate101 Livestream Event

Our Community Managers, One-Eyed Jack and Bonnie Anne, are getting ready to celebrate Pirate101's upcoming 2nd Birthday with another KingsIsle Livestream Event! Watch this special event as they take an exclusive look at some new items coming to the game, face off against Moo Manchu, give away awesome prizes and more!

Follow @Pirate101 on Twitter and return to the page linked above at 4:00 PM Central on Tuesday, October 14, 2014, to take part in this live, interactive event.

In case you missed the KingsIsle broadcast event, you can watch it below.