New Mobile Games in the Works

With the ever growing and expanding Spiral population, KingsIsle is developing brand new mobile games for us players! On their website, you can read two new announcements:

"Test your skills on a brand new mobile game. Will you be able to smash your way to victory? Check back for more information as we get closer to launching this exciting new offering."

"What does the future hold? We have lots of fun things in the works including cool new games for you to play on your phone or tablet!"

What kind of games do you think these will be? Are you excited? Leave a comment below and let me know!

50 Million Players in the Spiral

KingsIsle has reached another milestone: 50 million players in the Spiral, which includes both Pirates and Wizards! And to celebrate this unique event, they are giving away the 50 Million Monolith housing item.

Each redemption is good for one housing item in Wizard101 and one in Pirate101 per account. Click the image below to redeem your code from now until Wednesday, December 31st, 2014, at 11:59pm US Central Time!

Additionally, KingsIsle has created a pretty cool infographic to show off some great statistics in celebration of this memorable day. Click here to see the full-sized picture.

Useful Links to the Four Dungeons

The Four Dungeons that are now available in Wizard101 are the perfect time to revisit some familiar places, open closed doors, and explore new regions previously only spoken of in whispers!

These dungeons can be quite challenging, especially at higher levels, so I decided to provide direct links to useful guides and tips from the Community, to help you out in your quests.

Pagoda of Harmony & Hollow Mountain
This dungeon is available to Wizards of Level 25+ and is a good farming spot for Skeleton Keys (find out what they are below).

Duelist101 has made a post with helpful tips, so check out their Guide to Pagoda of Harmony and Hollow Mountain.

Barkingham Palace
Wizard of Level 40+ can now visit the Queen of Marleybone in Barkingham Palace! To get through this dungeon safely and meet her Majesty, follow Duelist101's Guide to Barkingham Palace.

Lower Zigazag & House of Scales
Mark DarkCaller on Wizard101 Central offers helpful tips to get you through these two instances safely. Check out his Lower ZigaZag Guide and House Of Scales Guide.

Castle Darkmoor
Malistaire is back and challenges you for the very last time. With his new-found power, this old nemesis is stronger than ever and the 3 instances inside this Dungeon are exceptionally challenging! The ultimate reward from this Dungeon is epic Exalted gear and Shadow-Enhanced Spells for all Schools!

The Mercenaries101 team provides helpful tips and recommendations for the 3 instances in Darkmoor! Make sure to read their Guide to Castle Darkmoor, Guide to Upper Halls and Guide to the Graveyard.

Skeleton Keys
The Four Dungeons introduce locked doors, which hold epic rewards to the Wizards who successfully win the challenge that awaits behind said doors. You will find a chest that is guarded by a secret boss behind all doors, and the rewards contained in the chests include pets, gear and even permanent mounts!

Skeleton Keys are dropped by bosses and different keys open different locks. Read Swordroll's Skeleton Keys Guide to know the best farming spots!

Mote Reagents
These new, rare reagents are currently used to craft decks and tapestries. Find out where you can acquire them by reading Duelist101's Mote Reagents Guide.

The Four Dungeons Go Live

The Fall Update is finally Live and it adds four exciting new dungeons, powerful Shadow-Enhanced Spells, Equipment Sets to help you manage your gear, new Member benefits, Combat Idle, a new mini-game known as Catch a Key and more!

New Dungeons
New challenges await you, throughout the Spiral! Four new dungeons are available to explore, full of mystery, exciting puzzles and epic rewards.
  • Wizards of Level 25 or higher should visit Sergeant Talbot in the Oasis of Krokotopia to help him find a missing member of an expedition, who was lost while on a mission to Mooshu. 
  • Wizards of Level 40 or higher need to visit Private Kinchley in the Cathedral of Regent's Square in Marleybone. The Spiral's greatest detective, Sherlock Bones, needs your help to investigate a crisis in Barkingham Palace!
  • Wizards of Level 60 or higher will need to speak to Alhazred in the Balance Classroom at the Krokosphinx to assist with the delivery of a mysterious (and possibly dangerous) package. 
  • The greatest of challenges await Wizards of Level 100. Dworgyn, in Nightside of Wizard City, will guide you in accepting the challenge of a great (and familiar) foe within Castle Darkmoor!

Crowns players can choose to rent a single dungeon for six hours, or purchase that single dungeon and own it forever on that account. The six hour zone rental is priced at 495 Crowns per Dungeon.

Shadow-Enhanced Spells
Wizards that have reached Level 100 and have completed the quest "Walpurgisnacht", within the Castle Darkmoor dungeon, will learn a new spell for their School! These powerful new Shadow-Enhanced Spells cost a combination of 5 pips plus 1 Shadow pip to cast. Find out what they do here.

Catch a Key, New Pets and Wands
Silver Chests across the Spiral will have a new mini-game that you can play to unlock them! When you open the chest you may either get to play Shock a Lock or the new game, Catch a Key. For Test Realm, all Silver Chests will play Catch a Key, so you can try out the new game!

Remember the Beckett Promotional Wands? They are making a comeback as drops from the new dungeons, but in different colors! Check them out here.

This update also brings a lot of new awesome pets and mount! There are several in the Crown Shop, including the Dapper Corgi Pet and Royal Ibis Pet, and the Himoolayan Yak Mount. Duelist101 has a list of most new pets here.

Equipment Sets and Member Benefits
Changing your gear for questing, boss battles, pvp or even pet training just got easier! The new Equipment Sets feature allows you to save and quickly switch between sets of equipped items. Know more about this new feature here.

There are now additional benefits to being a Member of Wizard101! Members have access to new, exclusive emotes (including new dances), a larger friends list of up to 150 and a larger backpack that holds up to 150 items. There might also be some additional, limited-time surprise benefits for members!

Combat Idle and Spell Tweaks
If a player does not choose to cast a spell or pass in battle for 2 rounds, they will be considered idle. The 30 second countdown timer will not wait for idle players and will automatically pass their turn. Idle players will not be able to choose an action in combat until they choose to return to battle in the pop-up window.

Most craftable spells, also dropped by the Loremaster, have been improved! You can see the changes here.

Housing, Crafting, Fishing and Gardening
Several updates are being made to Housing, Crafting, Fishing and Gardening, including:
  • Craftable Mega Snacks;
  • New Teleport Tapestries;
  • New Fish and Badges;
  • Lockable Seeds and more!
I will be updating my Illustrated Guide to Teleport Tapestries very soon, but in the meantime you can read the full list of all changes coming to the game here.