Wizard101 Sneak Peeks Analysis

With Test Realm opening for the Fall Update any day now, KingsIsle has been releasing teasers over the last few weeks and this week has been especially busy when it comes to sneak peeks. That being said, we do know Marleybone is getting an expansion, as seen from the latest Vine videos and concept art posted on Twitter and Facebook, but the rest of the clues still remain unclear. 

Yesterday, two brand new concept artworks were revealed on Wizard101 Fansites, showing a new boar boss and an unknown temple (picture above).

Boar Boss
The most striking feature is that the boar's clothes instantly make you think of a shaolin monk, while he's holding what looks like a monk's spade in one hand. Is he the one living inside the Temple?

Mysterious Temple
The temple has a similar architecture to shaolin monasteries. In the picture, you can also see plants covering the entrance, almost as if it has been abandoned for a while. Other notable things that are seen on the picture are a river, rocks and snow, the later being unusual as the temple seems to be located inside a cavern.

My theory
After some thought, it is clear that both artworks have something in common: they seem to be related to ancient China. However, I can't see any connection to Old Cob's storyline or any of the places he mentioned in Khrysalis. All in all, I'm guessing this will be a side world or area.

What did you think of these sneak peeks? Are you excited for some content based on ancient China? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Wizard101 Fall Update Hints

A fall update has been confirmed several times by Gary Smith, Senior Software Engineer for Wizard101. While we still don't know when this update will happen, we've got some hints over the last few weeks of things that might very well be included in this upcoming content.

New Dances, Mini Games, Houses and Music Scrolls
Two new dancing emotes have been revealed on Twitter: first, the Raven Dance and, more recently, the OppaWizardStyle. These are not confirmed to be in the fall update, but it is very likely.

Gary Smith claimed to be working on new Houses back in August. We do know two new bundles are just around the corner, but only one of them comes with a House: the Evergreen Bundle. Are we getting more Bundles or new School Houses, perhaps?

Gary also stated that the Fall Update will bring new Music Scrolls, including the ones from the  Five B.O.X.E.S. Event. He also confirmed the introduction of a brand new Silver Chest game.

Barkingham Palace
The OppaWizardStyle video shows a Marleybonian dungeon, which is thought to be Barkingham Palace. You can see the sigils, so it is definitely a dungeon of some sort. Also, the textures used (including the night sky), the futuristic air balloon and the music suggests that this video was recorded somewhere in an expansion of Marleybone.

Furthermore, a new video shows a cat lady in what appears to be a Marleybonian room, judging by the wallpaper and tiles. More recently, a brand new sneak peek was released, depicting the concept art of what is most likely the Royal Hall of Barkingham Palace (picture above).

Broken Shores?
Last but not least, the Mystic Fishing Bundle was officially launched today on the Wizard101 website and the post included an intriguing picture.

A Wizard is seen riding the Mystic Skiff mount on a mysterious river, which appears to be located in the Wyrd (Avalon) at first glance.

If you take a closer look at the picture of the mysterious river, you notice that the water is different than the one found in the Wyrd, although the textures used are similar. Also, the skiff doesn't look like it was originally on that screenshot.

A new concept art (picture below), showing an unknown temple, supports my belief that the mysterious river really is a new area in the game; both pictures show a river and rocks at the end.

Can it be the Broken Shores, where Old Cob and his "children" were headed after they left Khrysalis. After all, Test Realm was opening for Khrysalis Part 1 around this time, last year.

Got any theories of your own on what's coming? Feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Wizard101 Evergreen Bundle

A few days after the arrival of the Mystic Fishing Bundle, a brand new Wizard101 game card was discovered: the Evergreen Bundle! This second bundle is rumored to be available at GameStop starting on November 1st, 2014, but some stores might get them sooner. Keep an eye out for this game card at your local store!

Little information is available at this point, but the Evergreen Bundle looks like the perfect one for Life Wizards! It comes with:
  • Botanical Gardens Estate with Aberrant Carnivorous Plant;
  • Celestial Wolf Mount;
  • Spirit of the Forest Pet;
  • Evergreen Armor;
  • Thornblade;
  • 1 Month or 5,000 Crowns.
As soon as more info is made available, I will be updating this post and let you guys know!

Credits: Thanks to Wolf Duskbane for the bundle picture.

Wizard101 Mystic Fishing Bundle

A brand new Wizard101 game card is arriving at Walmart stores across the United States: the Mystic Fishing Bundle! Like its name suggests, it is the very first bundle focussed on Fishing.

Fishermen of the Spiral will find everything they need for the entertaining fishing activity, including:
  • Two-player Mystic Skiff Mount;
  • First Mate Otter Pet;
  • Arcane Angler's Outfit;
  • Swordfish Sword;
  • Private Fishing Retreat;
  • 1 Month or 5,000 Crowns.

The First Mate Otter pet has May Cast Fishing spells in its pool, the Arcane Angler's outfit is the first dyeable bundle gear and the Fishing Retreat housing item includes a brand new Life Fish, known as the Rainbow Trout!